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HP EliteBook 745 G3 - 14

HP EliteBook 745 G3 - 14" - A10 - 8GB - 128GB SSD

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Apple Macbook Pro 13

Apple Macbook Pro 13" 2014 - i5 - 8GB - 128GB SSD

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Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook Gen 3 - 11

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook Gen 3 - 11" - N3160 - 4GB - 16GB

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Dell Latitude E5440 - 14

Dell Latitude E5440 - 14" - i5 - 4GB -128GB SSD

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Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 - 14

Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 - 14" - i5 - 8GB - 240GB SSD

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Tough enough for any job

Tested against 12 military-grade requirements and passing more than 200 quality checks, the L570 is engineered to survive the bumps and bruises of life.

Approved by a show of hands – 100 million of them

L570 delivers the award-winning keyboard experience that IT Pros and end users alike love and expect from ThinkPad. Having been shipped on 100 million systems, the legendary keyboard delivers a more accurate and comfortable experience all day, every day. Take it from those who know – all 100 million of them.
Lenovo ThinkPad L570 Overhead View
L570 features the award-winning ThinkPad keyboard.


Built on a clean foundation

L570 is now available with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Signature Edition, which eliminates trialware and unwanted apps. No distractions for end users, easy to provision by IT Pros. A no-nonsense operating system.

Explosive power without volatility

Pairing the new 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i processors means your L570 is a high-performance machine, with the power to handle whatever your business throws at it.
Lenovo ThinkPad L570 Partially Open
Get explosive power from the moment you open your laptop.


Choose your drive

When you configure your L570 storage, you can go with the latest and fastest solid-state drive or a larger-capacity mechanical hard disk drive. Each has advantages; go with whichever will integrate better with your company and preferences.

Unplug without fear

L570 has all the battery power you need – **up to 14.8 hours – to move from your desk to meetings and elsewhere, and stay productive throughout the business day with plenty of charge left afterward.
Lenovo ThinkPad L570 Back Top Cover View
Leave your power cord behind, thanks to up to 11 hours' battery life between charges.


Cut the cord clutter

Keep your space clean and organized by connecting all of your peripherals to the ThinkPad Pro Dock. That way, when you connect your L570 to the dock in a snap, everything else you need will already be there at your fingertips.

Customize your experience, looking forward or back

L-Series laptops come with a wide variety of ports – from legacy technology to the cutting edge – so you can build an ecosystem to fit any needs. Choose from VGA, mDP, LTE-A, RJ-45, and mechanical and USB 3.0 docking. Because who needs dongles?
Lenovo ThinkPad L570 Left and Right Side Views of Ports
Customize your L570 with a wide variety of ports.

Data's just a click away

 With two thirds of all businesses looking to use cloud services, L570 has onboard LTE-A (4G) connectivity (optional) – so even when you're out of WiFi range, you can still access your data and apps with a simple click. 
Lenovo ThinkPad L570 Front View
Access email and other online apps with a simple click, even when you're out of WiFi range.

Get help if you need it - no matter where you are

 ThinkPad L-Series laptops come with a standard worldwide warranty. Now you can get help in 160 countries around the world. These machines travel better than some people do. 

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