NBP12 PremiumRangeCharger for Toshiba 19V 3.95A 75W ( tip 2.5/5.5mm)

Compatible with the following Series of Laptops: Z2Satellite 1000-S158 Satellite 1000-S157Satellite 1000 TWINHEAD SlimNote P88TESlimNote P88 SlimNote VXE3SlimNote VXESlimNote VXSlimNote 9166TZ SlimNote 9150TZSlimNote 9133 SeriesSlimNote 910CVSlimNote VXE3 SlimNote VXESlimNote VXSlimNote 9166TZSlimNote 9150TZ SlimNote 9133 SeriesSlimNote 910CVSlimNote 9100SlimNote 9Series SlimNote 890 SeriesSlimNote 875 SeriesSlimNote 8100 SeriesSlimNote 6100 Series SlimNote 600DSlimNote 575SlimNote 550SSlimNote 5100Series SlimNote 5P88TEP88 VIEWSONIC AirSync V210 Airpanel V150PAirpanel V110PAirpanel V150Airpanel V110 Tablet PC V1250STablet PC V1250PTablet PC V1250 VPR MATRIX 175B4 185A5200A5Matrix 220A5 WINBOOK Winbook W160 Winbook W140Winbook W seriesWinbook N seriesWinbook C170 Winbook C140Winbook C120Winbook C series

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