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Benq PD2506Q 63.5 cm (25") 2560 x 1440 pixels 2K Ultra HD LED Black


Shipped from: Mullingar, Co. Westmeath

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Make Inspirations Come Alive. - Accurate Color speaks your mind

Let Color Communicate
Inspiration comes in lines or forms. Let accurate colors bring them to life.

HDR Technology
HDR400 offers better results more when you work on designs with better brightness, color uniformity and black level.

Show Only Necessary Detail
Various color modes bring necessary detail to your eyes. You only need to pour your soul into your work.

Darkroom Mode
Adjust image brightness and contrast for work in dark environments.

Animation Mode
Enhance the clarity of dark areas without overexposing bright regions.

Enjoy superior contrast of lines and shapes in technical illustrations.

ePaper Mode
Simulates e-book display to read and edit digital publications in comfort.

Tap into Your Creativity
Streamline your workflow with the improved design experience and focus on your creativity and passion.

KVM Switch
Latest KVM Switch auto-pairs with input signals. Click once to save space and boost efficiency.

Work seamlessly. The USB-C port provides lightning-fast video/audio/data transmission and 65W power delivery.

Ergonomic Design
Create in comfort with your monitor in the ideal position.

Display Pilot
Display Pilot software lets you access designer-friendly features for ease and efficiency.

DisplayPort MST
Multi-Stream Transport Technology allows your notebook to extend your notebook’s screen across multiple displays using the DisplayPort output.

ICCsync Color Consistency
BenQ’s new feature helps designers effortlessly match the ICC (International Color Consortium) color space profiles between monitors and computers. ICCsync allows an instant color mode adjustment. Control it through Display Pilot software or the monitor itself.

Create with Fresh Eyes
BenQ's industry-leading eye care technologies reduce eye fatigue while ensuring greater user comfort during long periods of use.

Colors - You Can Trust
Demand superb color accuracy. Your work is worth it.